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HP’s Revenue Fall short of Estimates, Profits in Line

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 11/27/2014 — Hewlett-Packard (HP), one of the largest computer makers, fell short of revenue estimates. The profits of the company, however, were in line with the Street expectations. Rapid transit

Ross Stores Beats Expectations and provides Strong Guidance

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 11/22/2014 — Ross Stores reported better than expected earnings late on Thursday. The earnings of the company rose nearly 12%. Both revenue and earnings per share (EPS) of the company beat Wall Str

Blossom: control your watering system smartly

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 11/17/2014 — Watering a bigger ground evenly and properly is a greater challenge. Blossom makes the procedure easier and serves the purpose effectively. It is a smart watering controller. Now you ca

Alibaba Generates Sale of $9.3 Billion in “Single Day”

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 11/11/2014 — Alibaba is again in the news for all good reasons. For the past six years, the company hosts a 24-hour sale under the name of “Single Day” where prominent brands and products attrac

Time Warner Cable Offers Mixed Numbers, Promising Guidance

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/30/2014 — Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC), one of the largest cable operators in the US, the video and speed data provider, posted mixed third-quarter results. While the net income of the company w

Microsoft Shares Up After Earnings Beat Wall Street Estimates

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/24/2014 — Microsoft shares rocketed more than 3% higher on a better than expected third-quarter earnings report, just under its 52-week highs. New CEO, Satya Nadella continues to wow Wall Street

GoDrive: mobile USB micro SD card reader

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/21/2014 — Pilot Electronics is working on a new USB micro SD card reader for mobile and tablets. The project is under Kickstarter and available for preorder on Pilot Electronics’ website.

What to expect from Google Android Lollipop

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/16/2014 — A few years back, Google introduced the Android operating system, an open platform that runs on most of the smartphones. After Android KitKat 4.4, Google’s Android Lollipop is ready

Print anything, anywhere with Google’s cloud print

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/14/2014 — Google Cloud print is a new technology that has been introduced for easy and effective printing. This breathtaking technology is specifically designed and will connect the printer to t

A flexible oven controller by Zallus

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/11/2014 — Zallus Oven Controller is something to watch out for in the electronic market. It is a flexible oven controller. This oven controller is being mastered with a touch screen and can also

A Graphic Drawing Tablet with Capture Pen: 8”x5” Huion

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/09/2014 — The Graphics Drawing Tablet by Huion will bring out your inner artist. This tool of graphics drafters, illustrators and artists gives you the opportunity to control the precision of yo

QSG is a generator that takes the surrounding energy and turns it into electricity

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/01/2014 — Shane Cox is developing a generator that would draw into a whirlpool the surrounding environmental energy and transform it into electricity. He has been working on this project for the

Goldman Sachs Downgrades China’s Economy

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/24/2014 — Many had hoped the Chinese economy was re-accelerating, finally turning a headwind for the global economy into a powerful tailwind, more than five years after a worldwide rally in asse

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