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US Economic Data Beat Expectations, Helps Market to Gain Ground

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/16/2014 — The US markets pared early losses after better than expected economic indicators managed to regain investor optimism. The US industrial production data, initial jobless claims an

German Chancellor Merkel Hints at Stimulus

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/13/2014 — Concerns are heightening all around the world that Europe’s economic weakness could end up aborting the tenuous global recovery, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed

The Virtual Headphones Reality Adapter with Google’s Cardboard

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/10/2014 — The launch of headphones with a virtual reality adapter that can securely and easily attach to your Google Cardboard creates a cool looking and exclusively impressive hands-free

Fire HD 6: Powerful budget tablet by Amazon

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/08/2014 — While the entire world is going nuts with the smart devices, every company is trying their best to capture the market. The smartphones and tablet are the latest buzz increasing d

Neutron is all set to revolutionize your desktop computing

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/07/2014 —  Surfing the Internet, managing and creating files, and playing games are easily availed on mobile phones today. Laptops are the typical minicomputer that has given great mobilit

The perfect sound in your ears with world’s first DSP enabled wireless headphone

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/06/2014 — The current research in DSP technology has developed the next generation of headphones. It is the first of its kind, wireless headphone that has NFC pairing and Bluetooth 4.0 pac

Get a Friend more than just an entertainment Robot: Sopo

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/30/2014 — Opobotics Inc. has made an entertainment robot that is more like a friend than a robot. The company has named it Sopo, and they claim it is great for learning and is family orien

Real-life audio stimulation may soon become a reality

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/28/2014 — A new method to take the sound effects for music, video games and movies, and then change them to give an impression of real-life sound will soon become a reality. All of us kno

Consequences of US Treasury Department’s Move to End Tax Inversions

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/24/2014 — US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, announced new rules that would make it more difficult for American companies to shirk their tax bills by moving their headquarters overseas. Exec

Experience Digital and Analogue writing together with Klick Stylus Pen

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/20/2014 — Although we have evolved as a digital race, our writing methods are still old school. It is time for the way of writing to evolve with Morrison Innovations’ Klick Stylus Pe

Pebble an affordable smartwatch in your range

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/17/2014 — There is no doubt this is the age of technology. What you can do with technology is beyond imagination. Now you will be able to own another smart wearable gadget, the Pebble Smar

Experience new age with Intel Core M processor

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/15/2014 — The quality of the smart device cannot be judged by the appearance, you need to judge it by the processor that makes it powerful. No doubt, a processor is the most important aspe

A computer chip that can fit on your SD-card

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 09/10/2014 — When everything is becoming fast paced, ranging from phones to coffee cups, Intel demands to be integrated into the middle of the production world. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich used t


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