Track the pressure on your feet with UniverSole

Houston, TX – (StockNewsDesk) – 10/14/2014 — UniverSole are cheap and easy insoles that can track your feet movement, measuring and improving foot pressure. It gradually learns the way you move with your feet and helps to track your basic activities, like the calories you burn the entire day and the number of steps you take. One of the founders made this device when he felt pain in his side legs, and he knew there was something definitely wrong with the posture of his feet and wished he could measure the pressure. This led to the development of UniverSole.

Advanced pressure is used for the mapping technology that gives you pro-athlete performance data, like the weight of the foot distribution while you are standing, walking, cycling or running around. UniverSoles easily move in and out of your favorite footwear as they are durable and comfortable. The design of the product is thin and maintains and honors the original space and comfort of your footwear. UniverSole monitors and reads the bad and good habits that you display during all of your activities. The company also provides goal-oriented programs and recommendations that can help you.

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Track the pressure on your feet with UniverSole

It is designed to withstand all kinds of conditions and is meant for long-term frequent use. The thin design fits any footwear. You can easily track your weight and check your activity the entire day while you are moving on your feet.

UniverSole implements the most flexible and thinnest Force Sensing Resistors (FSR) in the market. It gives increased flexibility, a huge range of forces and extreme accuracy and linearity. They worked with Henway Technologies and Tiny Circuits to make a thin and small circuit board to fit the arch of your foot.

pressure on your feet with UniverSole

Tracking and monitoring by foot pressure lets us see the in-depth information that cannot be checked in our body. The information can be seen as the pressure that is applied in the specific areas of your feet while you are walking, letting us identify anything that stops our performance.

UniverSole is managed by Android and a smartphone iOS application to give you full access to the activity and pressure data.

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