The HiOptiX: Future of best indoor growing

Kokomo, IN – (StockNewsDesk) – 12/29/2014 — The future of indoor planting and growing is here. The HiOptiX is the all new tech that has made this concept possible. Though it is not the first of its kind, it is certainly the best and most powerful in this category. It has the capability to help the growers in the 70% of their indoor growth. The tech is completely radiator cooled.

The HiOptiX is composed of a 586 watt LED grow light. It does not have any moving parts,  like a fan or something else. It could be an effective and direct replacement for HID which uses a 1000 watt growing light. Hence, the usage of HiOptiX is not only efficient but cost effective, too. The LED light quality is very close to natural daylight. It is the only artificial light source available in the market which producesa light source much closer to natural daylight. So it maximizes the profit margin every way possible.

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The HiOptiX is capable of producing light intensity of 5000 Kelvin which makes it the most powerful LED grow light available in the market. The radiator cooled tech helped to eliminate the fan or any other moving parts. It also helps in reduction of cost by eliminating the need for air ducting. Now the planting and growing industry can grow easily by bringing the sunlight indoors but in an artificial way. The cost is low, as well, and that brings more promises in this industry.

The HiOptiX: Future of best indoor growing

The radiator system is the secret ingredient for this tech. It makes the tech much more powerful. The fan cooled system needs extra wattage. It carries the highest intensity diodes. Hence, the design has to be powerful, as well, to make it functional at its best. The fan cooled system can attract dirt and dust easily, and that reduces the life and makes it unsafe. The radiator cooled system makes the tech tough and maintenance free for more than 20 years.

Most of the LED fixtures come with hundreds of diodes. All the diodes carry 1-4 wattage range. The HiOptiX is different. It has only 68 diodes of high intensity carrying 8.6 watts per diode. No other LED fixture can produce power near or equal to this. All the diodes have 120 degree distribution. Hence, there will be no need for a reflector or something similar to that, like bulky hoods. The light spread will be equal to every part. Every HiOptiX is composed with a dimmable driver. It gives more control to the mechanism. You can even control the room with a mobile device as well. So far, all the results it has produced are perfect and effective. Now here is your best chance to grow the best with Kickstarter.

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