Leo: rejoice with vintage track once again

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 12/31/2014 — The Leo is the first ever of its kind; a mini headphone amplifier which is capable of producing vintage sound using your modern devices. It emulates the classiness of vinyl audio and the warmth of vintage tubes. It is a portable device which helps to bring out the lost details of vintage music or audio files. You can connect Leo to your smartphone and favorite headphones to experience a grand time loving old songs from rare records. It could be one of the most effective tools to be used to cut the extra expenses of raving and rendering the audio file.

The Leo is extremely capable of bringing out the best musical experience for you as it may make you feel that you are listening to a live performance. The performance of the headphone is being optimized to the highest level. The external appearance of Leo is as clean and simple as it sounds. It is composed of an aluminum body. Two aluminum knobs are present on this device. The Leo comes in two variants. The standard one comes with soft yellow LED backlight while the premium one comes with UV LED backlight. All the modern audio equipment we have these days can deliver only flat and narrow range of tones. But the Leo, on the other hand, is capable of delivering a larger range of frequencies. It does not change anything. It produces exact tonal quality of the vintage platform.

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The human ears cannot hear tones below a certain range. Leo rectifies that for a quality sound and musical experience full of warmth. Leo is compatible with all analog and modern musical devices. It comes with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack port, so any headphone with a 3.5mm jack is compatible with this amplifier. The Leo responds to a wide frequency range. It features an active filter, too, for better sound quality. The device is 1.46 inches in height and 2.12 inches in width. The device depth is 3.46 inches, and the measured weight is 95 grams.

Leo: rejoice with vintage track once again

The maker of this device worked hard for a long time to design this perfectly so it can deliver a great musical experience. It could be termed as a fantastic piece of tech that can change some bigger equations in the musical industry. Some old and lost great musical piece can be retrieved and remodeled with this tech to give the world music journey a new dimension to move on. Few fully functional prototypes are present right now to demonstrate the effective purpose of this tech. The maker of this tech is ready for bulk production, as well, but currently they are looking for support and feedback on this tech. The Kickstarter has taken the initiative to reach us with this amazing and magical tech.

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