The Draken: high quality, affordable, noiseless SLA 3D printer

Eldon, Missouri – (StockNewsDesk) – 01/07/2015 — The Draken is a fast and affordable technology in 3D printing. The Draken is a high resolution DLP-SLA 3D printer. The Draken could be easily characterized by its effective size that measures 3.9” X 7.1” X 8.7”. The printing quality measures minimum 37micron XY resolution. The noise is low, and the printer features up to 1.8+ inches per hour of printing speed. If you are tired of begging for a high quality 3D printer and the long time taking effort, then Draken is here to provide you with the optimum quality solution you need. It will probably fit well under your budget and provides great resolution in printing.

Basically, 3D printers have two categories. The higher resolution models cost more than a thousand dollars and the low resolution 3D printers cost less than thousand dollars. The Draken will have a relatively lower price while it will provide the best quality. It prints at 37 microns on the X and Y axis along with 10 microns on Z axis. Hence, it is capable of featuring finer details, like a strand of hair. The Draken is capable of printing up to 8.66” tall with 3.86” X 7.09” build base at the 90 micron XYZ resolution. It could be the largest and tallest among all the SLA printers variants.3D printing is not something easy. It could be time consuming, depending on the file. The huge amount of noise can spoil your day. The Draken gives a better result in this particular segment. It results in almost no noise. The Draken could be called the fastest of all its variants. This is the most positive thing to experience with this gadget. The inner printer frame of Draken is made of high quality steel while the outer part is composed of aluminum alloy that gives greater stability.

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The Draken: high quality, affordable noiseless SLA 3D printer

The resin vat needs to be replaced frequently in every SLA 3D printer available on the market as the silicone coating on the vat becomes too cloudy after several usages. In Draken, the silicone coating of the vat is protected with a Teflon layer. It increases the life span of the vat. Hence, you do not need to change the vat that frequently. The Draken could be a perfect choice for any piece of art work, especially for jewelry design as it is capable of providing the finest detail. You will find fantastic detail for complex jewelry designs. So it can be the best tool for any creator.

The cost of SLA 3D printers is high due to maintenance and the material needed. But the Draken has matched the quality of SLA 3D printers and even bettered it. The maker has made it not only affordable but also reliable and convenient, too, in order to reach more people and share the technology. The Kickstarter has taken the initiative to get this tech out to the masses and gather all kinds of feedback for future development and betterment.

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