Immersis: Experience the ultimate 3D gaming ambience

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 01/10/2015 —  The Immersis is a surprising tech that has appeared to increase the adrenalin rush of any hardcore gamer. This amazing tech is dedicated to give a virtual reality experience of the best quality for immersive video and gaming. It can adapt to your living space just like that. This project will bring home the IMAX experience. With the emerging trend of video games, gaming has become one of the best sources of entertainment for the masses. The basic excitement has been found in the group of young people though older people are finding it amusing as well.

Our brains are very much conditioned with the 2D appearance of the graphics on screen. Though it is capable of providing huge joy, it is not good enough for optimum satisfaction and the best experience. The VR headset came up with a new possibility in the last year providing virtual reality immersion through audio. But this headset is not good enough to provide the best experience with its limited possibility. The biggest drawback for this tech is that it feels unnatural, and it is incapable of group experience. It can entertain only one person at a time.

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The Immersis is meant to transform your gaming room into an immersive experience of any video game or panoramic video. So here is your biggest opportunity to experience your game or video in 3D that you can share with your friends and family at the same time. There is no doubt that Immersis is an innovative technology that is going to change the world of gaming. This amazing tech is developed by Catopsys. The Immersis technology is very easy to install and use. Professionals are not required to set it up and make it useful. The technology features real time adaptation of the image. It is composed of an advanced optical system. It helps the image fit with the size of your room.

Immersis: Experience the ultimate 3D gaming ambience

When the device is connected to your computer, it is capable of projecting the image content with a 180 degree visual appearance. It is compatible with any photograph, video or graphic video game.  The 3D application is effective and exciting. It is not always necessary to connect this device with a computer. You can easily integrate the television, tablet or smartphone into the projection of Immersis. There is no extra requirement of any other tool to make it functional. The controlling system of the game will remain same. According to the spokesperson, the implementation as Immersion content is limited to a specific area at this beginning stage. After a few years of more development on this technology, the Immersis will reach an unlimited content possibility level. The Kickstarter has taken the initiative to reach game lovers with this grand tech. The positive and negative feedback they will earn will help the maker proceed further for making it better in the future.

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