Cheetah: most affordable electric bike ever

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 01/16/2015 — The daily commuting world has found an affordable folding electric bike named Cheetah. This bike costs under $400 AUD and it is readily available to get delivered to any corner of the world. There is no doubt that an electric bike is a fantastic commuter vehicle for easy transportation. It is not only effective but fun as well. The Cheetah is the all new variant in this particular segment to make this mode of transportation more effective and powerful. It is economical and environmentally friendly, as well.

The electric bike has become very popular since it appeared in the market. But there was a problem that appeared that kept it from reaching the optimum heights of popularity. The problem was price. Electric bikes are very expensive and not everyone cannot afford one, so Cheetah has appeared at very reasonable cost that can take this tech to another height. Even though the price has dropped, it does not mean you have to compromise on quality and features. The Cheetah comes with similar tech specs and features that a regular electric bike has. The new design and production technique have done the trick to reduce extra expenses. Hence, it has given birth to a new era and new promises.

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The maker has declared that it is the future of regular transportation and they think Cheetah is a great step against the pollution and energy crisis. The Kickstarter campaign has taken the initiative to reach the masses with this amazing product while the shipping procedure has already been arranged to deliver Cheetah anywhere in the world. The first production schedule will be delivered in February 2015. Before Cheetah hits the retail market, it will be available at a surprising price on Kickstarter.

Cheetah: most affordable electric bike ever

The Cheetah is 28 kg in weight. It will reach speeds up to 20 kilometer per hour with pedal assist while you can cover a range of 45 kilometer easily every day. This electric bike uses a 12Ah 24V rechargeable battery. The battery is also removable and lockable for safety. It has 16 inch wheels and mid mount suspension. The extra added accessories are front and rear mudguards. Cheetah will come with a smart charger, as well. The charger will be customized according the country destination. It also features an electronic horn.

The best part about the Cheetah is the design. The assembly part of the electric bike is usually the most difficult and expensive. The design of Cheetah has been developed on a straight line process, so it has become easy to assemble and cost effective. It promises to bring some massive change in the industry.

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