The Solar Smart: say no to no electricity

Houston, TX – (StockNewsDesk) – 01/22/2015 — The Solar Smart is a newly developed tech to kill electricity problems. Currently there are 1.2 billion people in the world those who are facing electricity problems. Among them a large number do have electricity connection at their home and many are struggling with irregular electricity supply. The Solar Smart is the perfect tool to solve all these issues. There is no longer a need to burning fossil fuel to supply electricity. The long solar panel will perform that task with optimum efficiency. There are a number of places where only 9% to 10% people have electricity access. Hence the maker finds huge potential in this project as they have lots of opportunities to serve. The Kickstarter has taken the initiative to promote this project and earn some quality feedback for the maker.

The Solar Smart is the best simple solution for electricity needs. It has been developed by keeping a simple thing in mind; small huts with no electricity connection can only accommodate a maximum of four to six lights. The solar panel collects sunlight during the day to charge one or two lead-acid batteries. How many batteries will be charged depends on the amount of light. Using this power, one may light up high power LED lights for up to 10 hours in the evening and night. Apart from lighting up your house, you may use this power for some other lightweight purpose, too. A small radio will work with this much power. You can charge your mobile battery, too.

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The Solar Smart: say no to no electricity

The Solar Smart carries a 20 watt or 30 watt solar panel. It charges up the battery with the energy it collects during day time. The Solar Smart is composed of an intelligent software algorithm. Many times the solar system faces a huge problem of quick dying batteries. It happens if the battery is overcharged or completely discharged too often. The Solar Smart system does not let that happen. It never allows the battery to get overcharged and it never discharges the battery completely. Hence it becomes much more effective and carries a longer life. Though it performs a huge and important task on a regular basis,  it is maintenance free. It does not require any human labor. The system is automatic and, therefore, less hectic. It is secure to use as well with proven solar system. In the future, it may come up with life saving fire sensors.

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