The Neoh: Multi-source 3D audio headphone

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 02/06/2015 — The Neoh is the first of its kind – a smart 3D audio headphone which is composed of a spatial sound rendering system and is capable of producing closer to reality sound. It can be the best cinema sound headphone anywhere, anytime. The excellent sound quality has made it the first ever wearable home theatre system. The embedded motion sensor technology brings you the best ever immersive sound experience. Neoh comes with a unique mobile application that simulates multiple sound sources on a virtual platform. Hence, the technology produces the best ever audio output that you can only experience in a latest movie theatre. The Kickstarter has backed the project with a fund raising campaign.

Now you can experience the best quality surround sound for your favorite movie sitting back at home without making other people a part of it. The 360 degree surround sound technology has made the Neoh much more realistic in terms of audio output quality and has made it an attractive choice, too. The 3D audio headphone is all set to create a huge buzz in the audio world. This headphone is composed of up to 30 virtualized sound sources that make it a mind-blowing choice if you are planning to watch a movie on your phone or computer. It is has a battery that comes with a battery life of minimum 18 hours. It means you can enjoy at least 12 movies on a row.

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The 3D sound is very close to our heart as it has the capability to produce real life sound. 2D sound is incapable of producing that kind of experience. The best part about Neoh is the capability of reproducing the sound into a 3D output. Hence, you do not have to have a video or audio track which is 3D but it will turn the 2D sound track into a 3D sound track for a better audio experience. It will create an artificial 360 degree environment that will turn the audio into a 3D experience, no matter where it is coming from.

The Neoh: Multi-source 3D audio headphone

The age of mono and stereo sound is over. Those are incapable of producing heart arresting sound quality these days, as people are getting used to multi-source sound systems. You may have experienced the multi-source sound system along the lines of a 5.1 or 7.1 home theatre. How often you have come across the problem when you are in the mood for some good music or good movie but other members of your house are not at all interested and getting disturbed? The Neoh is the perfect tool as a solution to that problem. Now you can simply wear the home theatre system to enjoy your movie music all alone.

Nowadays, a number of 3D audio formats are coming up. The Neoh can complement those sounds with multiple virtual sound sources very well to provide you the ultimate experience. The Neoh app is compatible with any Android and iOS.  Neoh will also provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

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