The Xtractiv Cooling System: perform better and longer

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 02/12/2015 — The Xtractiv Cooling System is the recently developed technology that helps give you huge relief from body heat. It performs extremely well in athletic enhancement by absorbing body heat. During  sports or exercise activities, the body produces lots of heat due to fat burn. It often exhausts people very quickly, causing lack of consistency and poor performance. The Xtractiv Cooling System absorbs the body heat and restores the energy real fast so you can give your best every time you perform. Hence you can arrest your body limitation due to massive heat.

No matter which sport you are in or which activity you are performing, this device might appear handy in every section. If you are into heavy exercise or working hard at the gym, this can be really helpful to perform your best by extending the duration of your activity. Maybe you are playing an outdoor game; the Xtractiv Cooling System can be an important tool for greater activity. It can be handy, as well, if you are playing an indoor game with broken air conditioning. Due to overheating, body muscle starts struggling to keep up with the metabolic level. Hence sweat starts coming up and that is the end of your performing capacity.

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Now you can easily put an end to the overheating problem. The Xtractiv Cooling System will help you in every way to cool down your body so you can perform much better and indulge yourself into the activity for a long time. The team of professionals has already done a number of experiments. It has been recorded that the Xtractiv Cooling System can boost up performance 20% to 300%. The more intense or heavy activity you are performing, the handier Xtractiv Cooling System becomes.

The Xtractiv Cooling System: perform better and longer

The human body has evolved so that it can regulate the temperature. The Xtractiv Cooling System works keeping this factor in mind. The device basically targets a specific part of your body, like your palms or feet, and applies a negative pressure to amplify your body’s natural radiator so it can extract the body heat effectively. It keeps the blood vessels dilated to maximize the cooling with conduction and convection currents. Touching something cool will not be something similar. The device is easily portable and can be used anytime, anywhere. It comes with simple controls that can be easily used with one hand. It is easy to set up and has a real long battery life. It is a low maintenance device and easy to clean up as well.  The Kickstarter has backed this amazing product and has arranged a fund raising campaign for better future possibilities.

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