The Mogo Bike: a folding electric scooter

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 02/20/2015 — The Mogo Bike is the latest buzz in the automobile market. It is an easy commuting and portable folding electric scooter. The Mogo Bike is all set to change the face of daily commuting. It is capable of providing good speed and you can cover a good distance as well. It is flexible and comfortable. It takes minimum space at home or anywhere else, so you can carry it anywhere.

Commuting can be considered a ritual. You have to travel each and every day if you are going out. No matter which personal or public vehicle you use for traveling, you need to walk a good enough distance each and every day. Maybe you have parked your car in a parking space that is far away from your destination. You can easily use Mogo Bike to cover that distance faster. Maybe you are using a public transport like bus or train, but you have to walk the final distance to your home. The Mogo Bike might be handy in that case. After a long day of work, you must be tired and it becomes tough to walk or while you are going to work, you might not like to drain most of your energy by walking. So it is better to use a Mogo Bike for easy commuting.

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Apart from being a quality small distance ride, the most important aspect of Mogo Bike could be the folding feature. You can easily fold Mogo Bike for storage that you can keep in your car trunk or under your desk or somewhere else. This bike is composed of aircraft grade aluminum that gives durability and makes it light weight. During the test run, it performed really well on bad roads with potholes. Hence the Mogo Bike is raising hopes for future commuting.

The Mogo Bike: a folding electric scooter

Carrying Mogo Bike while you are not riding on it is also very easy. You can simply carry it like a roller luggage. This bike uses two 500 watt motors for running. The motors are powered by a high performance battery. Hence you won’t need gas. You can simply plug in the USB charger to charge up the battery and use it effortlessly. It carries two 12” wheels that make the riding much more comfortable. The maximum speed range of Mogo Bike is 20 MPH while it can easily run 20 miles on a single charge. It can carry maximum 250 lbs. it has rear electronic brake and front disc brake. Hence it is easy to control as well. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this project so it may appear with much better features in the future. The feedback from people will guide this process as well.

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