Microsoft’s universal foldable keyboard: work easily while travelling

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/03/2015 — In this age of digitalization, the universal foldable keyboard by the tech giant Microsoft might appear as a handy tool. The days of old ideas are gone. People are looking for easy ways to move ahead in their life. The technology always finds some special place in this purpose. Computers and smartphones are the most important of all that can serve a huge purpose. Hence a universal foldable keyboardcan be the perfect companion to you while you are travelling. Microsoft’s new foldable keyboard is compatible with every computer, smartphone and tablet. It is highly capable of giving you access to work easily any time and any place. While you are using a smartphone or tablet, it is not easy to work with the touchpad for heavy tasks. A keyboard will make your work easier. But carrying a keyboard is not easy all the time. This universal foldable keyboard by Microsoft makes it easy and effective.

There are a few reasons why the universal foldable keyboard is easy, mobile and effective while travelling. Being foldable is one of the most important aspects it comes with. Hence it takes less space and effort to carry. It is ultra thin as well to take up minimum space in your backpack or easily fit into your pocket and purse. The universal foldable keyboard is lightweight and that makes it highly mobile. This unique keyboard comes with a compact design that makes it effective and attractive. You can easily pair it up with any iOS device, Android device and Windows device via Bluetooth and type at your normal speed which is not always possible on a virtual touch board.

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Microsoft’s universal foldable keyboard: work easily while travelling

The best part about the universal foldable keyboard that you can experience is that you can pair this gadget with any two compatible devices and switch from one to another with a single touch. It will make the usage much easier and effective. While you are travelling, it is tough to use the device safely. The universal foldable keyboard comes with a water repellent keyset and fabric that will safeguard the device from accidents.

Apart from all those important and effective aspects, the operational mechanism of the universal foldable keyboard is easy and effective as well. All you need to do is simply open the keyboard to connect it with the device or devices and simply close it for shutting down. It comes with a built in rechargeable battery that has long life. You can use this unique device for months on a single charge. It is composed with latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology. The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard comes with a three year limited warranty and will be available soon in the market.

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