The Beam: an easy to use smart projector

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/12/2015 — The Beam is the latest craze in the tech market. It is a smart projector that you can fit into any available light socket. It will be especially handy for your daily needs and activities. You can simply screw it in and have unlimited fun. The Beam can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. Hence here is your biggest opportunity to turn any flat surface into a big screen. The Beam is simply a combo pack of a powerful projector and a smart computer that comes within a compact casing.

You can use Beam for dynamic purposes. Apart from calling and messaging purposes, what else you do with your smartphone? People are most likely to play games, watch movies and do many other things with their smartphone. Video calling is another great purpose for smartphone, And though it serves some exciting purposes, it is unable to make people happy due to the small window screen. You simply cannot enjoy the movie and games on that small screen. When you are home the Beam will help you expand the smartphone screen so you can enjoy movie and games effectively. Nowadays people use their smartphones for professional purposes as well. People make PowerPoint presentations with their smartphones and the Beam will help you to project your presentation on a big screen so you can explain it to many people at the same time.

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The Beam is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. It comes with a dedicated app for your smartphone so you can control Beam effectively. There is no need for a professional to set it up, you can do it all by yourself. All you need to do is simply screw it into any light socket or plug in a power cable to turn a flat surface into a big screen. The technology used inside Beam is effective and unique; it optimizes the use of internet and other important things that can entertain and assist you throughout the day.

The Beam: an easy to use smart projector

The best part about Beam is the endless opportunity. The possibilities are not limited. It will induce your creative mind to find out how effectively and in innovative ways you can use it. Some of the innovative and effective uses of Beam are: you can turn your ceiling into a big screen to watch movies while lying down on your bed, you can project the recipe on the kitchen wall while cooking, the menu chart can be projected on the wall in restaurant so everyone can see it, and there are many more like this. The Beam comes with an LED light so you can experience the best quality visual under any circumstances. The use of Beam is not only limited to smartphones and tablets. You can easily connect any Bluetooth device like mouse, keyboard, game controllers, speakers, smart watches and many more. The Kickstarter has arranged a money raising campaign for this patent pending project.

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