The mDrawBot: unique 4 in 1 drawing robot

Santa Barbara, CA – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/24/2015 —The mDrawBot has brought something completely new and unique to the tech market and world of art as well. It is a robot kit that can draw amazing pictures. All the parts of the robot kit can be easily assembled into four different drawing robots. The four drawing robots are mScara, mSpider, mCar and mEggBot. All the robots can draw effortlessly and perfectly as per your desire and produce amazing error free results. The robot kit is composed of Make block parts. The robots are controlled by powerful software named mDraw. The mDrawBot carries more than 60 components that can be arranged in different ways to produce those four robots.

The mScara drawing robot is powered by a stepper motor. You can easily install a pen or pencil on this robot and it will draw effortlessly on a flat surface. You can even replace the pen with a laser diode in order to turn your desktop or laptop screen into a laser engraver. On the other hand, the mSpider drawing robot is powered by two stepper motors. It can be used to draw on a wall or white board or anything like that. The motors control the movement of the robot through strings. This robot can cover a huge space while drawing as the length of the strings can be increased.

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The mCar drawing robot is an interesting one. It is a three wheel robot car that can draw. It can be used also on any flat surface. The uniqueness of this drawing robot is that it can draw complex figures. The wheels are used for the movement that produces effortless curves to produce unique and measured pictures. A human hand can draw these figures but most of the time it appears to be asymmetrical. With this drawing robot you will be able to get symmetrical figures. You can even install chalk instead of a pen to draw on the floor. It is composed of two stepper motors to move the wheels.

The mDrawBot: unique 4 in 1 drawing robot

The mEggBot is another interesting one that comes with a unique capability. It can be used to draw on such surfaces that are impossible to print on, like eggs or ping pong balls. The kit of mDrawBot carries detailed instruction of assembling. You can simply follow the instructions to configure all four drawing robots according to your need. Once you get your mDrawBot assembled, you need to install the software called mDraw on your computer. The rest of the task is very simple. You need to connect the drawing robot with your computer and import the picture you want to draw on the software window. The mDrawBot will deliver the picture you want. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for future development of this project where you can back it.

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