The Jamstik+: create your own music easily

Houston, TX – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/27/2015 — The Jamstik+ is latest technology blessed smart musical instrument that has appeared to better your guitar experience. This instrument can also be termed as smart guitar. It is very much known to us that playing guitar could be a rewarding experience. We generally envy folks those who know how to play a guitar. Those who cannot play guitar, they love listening to music and keep a wild dream deep inside their heart for playing guitar someday. But this is true that playing a guitar or learning it is not an easy task to do. Hence it remains deep inside our heart for most of the people. Now you can draw a bottom line for that limitation as Jamstik+is going to give you a great opportunity of creating your own music.

The Jamstik+ is for everyone. It can be a great fun for people those who have never held a guitar in their entire life and on the other hand it can be an effective tool for the professionals. With Jamstik+, you will have limitless opportunity to create something unique and excellent. If one can use this amazing tech effectively, it will become musician’s best friend. The Jamstik+ is compatible with any iOS device like iPhone, iPad, Mac to set up a wireless connection using Bluetooth. The customized app named JamTutor will help you to understand the functionality.

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You do not have to be a musician to be capable of playing Jamstik+. It is easy to play with the proper guidance and you might be able play your first chord within a minute. The app will guide you properly about holding the pick correctly so you can create your own music effortlessly. With Jamstik+, you can simply play to learn more and learn to play even more. This gadget comes with a compact design with high portability. So you can go anywhere with your own music as it fits perfectly in the backpack. The quality of the music is perfect as it comes with 5 octave range MIDI custom tunings.

The Jamstik+: create your own music easily

Once you have got the Jamstik+ on your hand, you can simply connect it with your iOS device via Bluetooth. You may download the JamTutor if you want to go through few lessons or you can simply launch the JamMix to start playing. You play anything and it will sound beautiful in JamMix. The Jamstik+ is more than a guitar. It works as a MIDI controller also. Hence it can sound like any instrument you want. It can sense your finger even before you pluck any string. So stop listening to others and start creating your own music. Every people have a dream of creating their own music and Jamstik+ is simply the best gateway to fulfill that dream. The Kickstarter is looking for some support and fund for this amazing tech so it may come up with new possibilities in future.

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