The Appkettle: first ever smart kettle

New York City, New York – (StockNewsDesk) – 03/31/2015 — The Appkettle is the first of its kind – a smart kettle with vision. It is a useful and smart beverage making tool for everyone. You can easily control the temperature and time with your smartphone for better heating. It has been named as the world’s first smart, and smartest, kettle. The electric kettle is simply the most versatile beverage maker. It is essential for those who have some affinity towards hot drinks. But in this technology driven world, nothing could be better than actually communicating with your kettle. The Appkettle is the product of an extreme passion for technology and hot drinks. Apart from all the effective parameters of this unique gadget, the design is attractive too.

The Appkettle is actually convenient, useful, simple and time saving all within a single pack. It has a dedicated app for your smartphone linked with volume. It gives you better control over your beverage making along with the vision. Now you can easily control the temperature, volume, timing and energy usage. The Appkettle is not only an idea on pen and paper. It will have a great useful application in daily practical life. It ensures the best benefit to gadget lovers and hot beverage lovers. The parents of young infants may find a hard time cooking as the babies need lots of attention. Hence it could be the perfect tool for them to make beverages easily. From another point of view, you can easily make the beverage for your kids. The time scheduling option will help you to prepare food from time to time.

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The Appkettle provides a real time user interface. Hence along with the app, people will get a vision of kettle usage and they can schedule it for time saving opportunities. It comes with cloud based architecture. It gives dynamic multi-user options along with preference control. Not only does the usage mechanism save time but also the performance of this kettle helps in saving time. It just needs 27 seconds to boil two cups of water for tea or coffee. You can even control the brew timing as well. The advanced technology also helps in improving the taste for better experience.

The Appkettle: first ever smart kettle

In general, an electric kettle consumes a higher amount of energy. The energy consumption in Appkettle is less and the smart technology prevents over-heating. Hence you can save a good amount of energy. Apart from the household usage, it can play an effective role in small business places. The app provides good control for user safety as well as using the latest and improved tech. The Kickstarter has arranged a fund raising campaign for this project so it can see better days in future by making the daily beverage preparation more simple and effective.

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