becomes environmentally friendly Car Rental business

Utrecht, Dec 11, 2018 ( – Managing Director, Michael Darmanin, declared that it was only politically and ethically appropriate that a car rental company takes responsibility in supporting the environment. As part of their ongoing campaign, 10% of profits will be donated to the Environmental Defense Fund each quarter.

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We all know that global warming is real and happening. Mean surface temperatures are on a consistent rise since 1960 and this trend is unlikely to change unless people and businesses start acting, explained Mr. Darmanin.

It’s a fact, hurricanes continue to grow larger in size and the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. CO2 emissions need to be reduced dramatically if we plan to have a positive effect on climate change and somehow reverse the current weather patterns.

“More than 80% of rental cars still emit carbons today and therefore we feel it is only correct that we play our part in supporting the environment until hybrid and electric cars become the norm.
– Michael Darmanin, Managing Director of

Believe in a better future. Support the environment. Choose the next time you decide to rent a car.


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