Newly founded London based production company for undiscovered talented artists and major projects

Shaniyah Bernabella

London, Dec 13, 2018 ( – Founded by New York City actor Luis J Kelly and US military actress, Shaniyah Bernabella, Onboard Creative Pictures ONBCP was created with a strong social purpose that elevate oportunities for amazing talent during the creation of amazing films and series. 

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Onboard Creative Pictures, a social enterprise production company that just like any production company creates films and series. But what makes this production company unique, is that it doesn’t only focus on creating award-winning films and series, but it provides undiscovered talented artists an opportunity to work on highly valued projects projects, build a portfolio, and workshops and seminars to help them advance in their careers.

Both Luis J Kelly and Shaniyah Bernabella says “There is a huge barrier to entry in the industry, there is a multitude of talented people, that because the lack of portfolio, network, or how to, fail to escalate in their career and make a living out of it”. This couldn’t be far from the truth, many talented individuals despite their amazing talent just don’t make it. A significant amount of brilliant people don’t have experience in a known project or don’t know how to navigate themselves in the industry, ultimately slowly fading away from their artistical careers and ending up working in something more traditional and secure.

Instead of creating a competitive environment, the founders of ONBCP work with industry leaders and major production companies to create award-winning films and series to air on traditional television networks and digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. Whilst giving a priority to undiscovered talented artist a direct opportunity to work on these projects, get their credit that they rightfully deserve, publicly displaying them on places like IMDB, and build a portfolio. Along the way providing workshops and seminars to assist in the non artistic aspects of the industry whilst promoting the value of the arts.

Onboard Creative Pictures considers a Undiscovered talented artists are any individuals that make up the family of a production of a film or series, not only actors, but as well VFX, sound engineers, writers, and many more.

The production company is coming up with amazing projects that within themselves have a social value. A reality series for Entrepreneurs called InterNeurs and a talk show “The Elephant in the room: Who wants to talk about it.

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Luis J Kelly

Source :Onboard Creative Pictures C.I.C

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