Young Man’s Coming-of-Age Journey in the Military Imparts Valuable Lessons

Alexandria, Dec 12, 2018 ( – Alexandria, Virginia. Since the formation of the state of Israel, many young men and women have signed up to the cause of defending the vulnerable state, and in the process, they become great generals and statesmen. One of them is Dr Mark Terris, who joined one of the toughest military forces of the world. Drawing from his rich experiences, Terris outlines the hardship and challenges of the life inside the Israel Defense Forces in his book, Bullets to Bandages: Life Inside the Israel Defense Forces.

Along with his three close friends, he braved the rigid military rules and underwent physical hardship. While they had sleep-deprived nights where they often need to stand for midnight inspections and endure stretcher marches that last all night long, Terris looks back on their struggles with fondness and narrates the tale with a touch of humour, lightening the otherwise difficult journey that many readers will appreciate. He details many aspects of his IDF life, from their induction experience to their transition as serial numbers. It is a coming-of-age journey with many valuable lessons on life, friendship and endurance.

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An insightful and inspiring glimpse into the daily life of an average soldier in the IDF, Bullets to Bandages invites readers to take an intimate view of the Israeli army and learn the importance of courage, perseverance and camaraderie.

Bullets to Bandages: Life Inside the Israel Defense Forces

Dr Mark Terris

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About the Author

A native of Washington DC, Dr Mark Terris moved to Israel with his family when he was 11 years old. It became his home for 10 years, three of those years were spent in the service of Israel Defense Forces. He then returned to the United States to finish his college education, go to medical school and complete his post-graduate medical training. At present, Dr Terris is a head and neck surgeon in Kaiser Permanente.  

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