Beats and the Rap Part in Upcoming Solo Artist Jayo Daknoccho’s Tracks are Mesmerizing

Jayo Daknoccho

Seattle, Dec 19, 2018 ( – Jayo Daknoccho is one of the eminent solo artists in the world of music.  His songs mainly belong to hip-hop, rap and pop genre. The performances and the production are of a spotless quality. His tracks are beautifully expressive and musically satisfying. The tone and the overall performance in the tracks meet the higher energy of the soundscape quite well. The crisp and the satisfying layers of the musicality attract the listeners heart. The track has a smooth and colorful finish that catches the heart of the listeners. The music EMastered 03 Riddin Feat KD is similarly hopeful, colorful and soothing, everything in the tracks deals very gently and dreamlike.

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The song EMastered 03 Riddin Feat KD by Upcoming solo artist Jayo Daknocchos hook in particular works in unison with the backdrop to provide a moment of rhythmic power and embrace. The song utilized the contrast brilliantly which moves upwards from a delicate verse to a mighty and uplifting hook. The story-line varies and so do the voices and the style of flow but it is never too intense that the tracks losses its central focus or energy. His songs offer a wonderful melody and a great rhythm.

The beat in Jayo Daknocchos track has a certain flair within itself, subtle but certain, and though the listeners will recognize the hook and the ambiance undoubtedly after hearing them. His tracks are structurally interesting and rhythmically satisfying. The contrasts between the verses and the hook work brilliantly and the song surely highlights the concept. The song develops in a completely unique way. Some of his other tracks are EMastered Infidelity, EMastered 01 Lifestyle Ft- Mac Trippin, Daknoccho GEN4 EMastered GEN4 In The Lanes -1-, and many others.  You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter to get more update about his upcoming music. You can listen to his songs simply by streaming to Soundcloud.


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EMastered 03 Riddin Feat KD

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