Test Geek: Offering Advance ACT Prep Classes in Phoenix

Colorado Springs, Dec 21, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – Test Geek is offering professionally prepared ACT tutoring with better guides, better educational programs, and better innovation. Every student enrolled in a Test Geek program is given a copy of the Test Geek Guide. This guide is the backbone of our programs, and it covers all of the necessary content to completely prep for the ACT.

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We provide stellar SAT and ACT prep, including 99th percentile instructors and score improvement guarantees. Every student comes to us with different qualities and shortcomings, and simply private training empowers us to absolutely change a program based around the particular areas where the student needs the most thought.

Our 18 hours of professional classroom instruction are designed from the bottom up to be engaging and interesting. Our tutors aren’t simply interesting, fun people. They are also veritable SAT and ACT specialists, with each one having scored in the top 1% on the test they instruct. This blend of an engaging learning atmosphere and a world-class tutor is intense, making the value a student receives in a Test Geek classroom course simply unparalleled.

Our versatile learning innovation customizes a study program for students in view of individual needs. Each ACT practice test result highlights significant, customized performance feedback. Schools and colleges all through the U.S. expect candidates to take the SAT or ACT as a segment of their evaluation package. Our ACT or SAT Prep classes guarantee most extreme ACT or SAT improvement.

Students approach comparable official, administered practice exams and online resources classroom students do. They moreover work through the same significantly centered around, convincing Test Geek curriculum. Phoenix ACT Prep has a specialist Test Geek instructor working with them one-on-one constantly, the student is learning everything anticipated that would get the best score improvement possible.

Our SAT and ACT prep personalized programs convey the greatest score changes possible, giving students the lift they need to get into their choice school and be aggressive for real grants. We prepare our teachers on the best way to make vivacious, interactive classroom and private tutoring experiences that support learning and guarantee the student is engaged. We meet six times for three hours each time, covering new material, evaluating the old stuff and persistently bringing new challenges that take into change.

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About the Company:
Test Geek provides customized and incredibly efficient ACT or SAT prep classes. Our tutors are unparalleled in the industry because our tutor needs and training programs are unparalleled. Our expert tutors use online teaching tools to make teaching productive from across the country as they can teach from across the room.

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415 N Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO
email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (719) 695-2414
(720) 500-2940

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