Multi Talented Singer Silk Flea is Stealing the Spotlight with His Latest Track ‘Higher (Leaked)’

Higher Leaked by Silk Flea

Staten Island, Dec 27, 2018 ( – Budding artist Silk Flea has come up with a mind-blowing and new R&B & soul track Higher (Leaked) which is taking the world by storm. This multitalented singer from New York has been frequently compared with another famous name in the music industry, Travis Scott all the time but this artist has adopted a whole new attitude and approach towards making exemplary music. Although this artist is very new in this field, he is showing a lot of promise through the smooth flow and striking lyricism in his musical masterpieces. He rose to fame in his childhood through his two tracks Bye Bye and Pray. No wonder his new track is already Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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This young artist Silk Fleas new approach towards newly released track Higher (Leaked) seems very natural and instantly refreshing, which does not try so hard to be anything more than it already is. The expressive lyricism and the soulful vocal performance of the artist in this track come off as very gentle, subtle and authentic. The blissful aura and the bright soundscape whisper layers of colour and creativity. The fairly nostalgic aura and the simple beats and hooks will grab the attention of all the listeners worldwide. The very moment when this artist starts to sing, it is really impossible not to listen and sing along.

The genuine honesty and practicality in the story-line is capable of reaching out and connecting with the audiences. There is a genuine connection in the wordplay and the melody-line is enough to hold the attention of the audiences. The soulful opening bars and the introductory lines followed by some significant moments pave the way for the artists gradual rise to fame. The stunning production and structure encapsulate the main features and highlight the expertise and depth of the artist.

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