Blending Various Styles into his Tracks is None Other than the Ingenious Artist Rene Fresh

Rene Fresh

Phoenix, Jan 4, 2019 ( – Bringing to you your conventional genre with a twist of his own is the brilliant musician Rene Fresh. Since his childhood, Rene has a flair for hip-hop music. Throughout the years watching famous artists like Cassidy, Drake, Ludacris, he wanted to give the world a taste of his creations.  In 2007 he started making beats with melody and rhythms he found interesting.  He wanted to create something that the world can remember him by.  Focusing on the hip-hop genre he wants to voice his own story throughout his tracks. This Hip-hop artist out of Tucson is not your everyday hip-hop artist.  His production house is known as Suspect Familia.

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It was in the year 2012 that the artist Rene Fresh hit the stage with two of his own compositions. After an electrifying performance with the tracks Chains and future he became a worldwide sensation. Through his tracks, you can find a deep desire for success with a flavour of personal drive to be the best. Rene Fresh through his music wanted to present the audience with something that they can enjoy.  The verses sometimes offer alternative rhythms and the satisfying melody makes sure you get to feel the track from the very beginning.  Compositions like Fed Up, Movies, No More, Real Hip Hop and Slow Yo Roll is what he is known for.

Along with producing relatable tracks, Rene made sure that his music is motivational.  With each passing day, his fan base keeps on growing which is quite noticeable through his social accounts on Twitter and InstagramRene never takes his audience for granted. Unlike other artists, he takes his listeners comments into consideration.  It is his unending enthusiasm for music that brings people close to him. Rene Freshs music has got a depth which many artists often forget to characterise their track with.


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