Rejuvenate to the Groovy Creation of ‘ILL’ by the Massachusetts Rap Singer J-Ferr


Boston, Jan 10, 2019 ( – While others create music for themselves, J-Ferr has been creating music for others.  He has been creating music for a long time and his recent tracks show his evolvement as an artist. Growing up in a small town, it was the support of his loved ones that pushed him to carry on his love for music. J-Ferr though mainly creates hip-hop tracks he doesnt mind focusing o other genres As well. He dropped his first track The Entry along with its official music video. Achieving over 1000 views he shocked the entire community with the raw talent he displayed that day. His newest track ILL with its creative soundscape stands out for its musicality.

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The track ILL is characterised with multiple themes.  It not only speaks of the painful struggles the artist has gone through but also motivates the audience into not giving up during hardships. The track progresses with a hopeful soundscape clamming before the ambience of the track completely changes. These sudden changes in the song focus on the unpredictable occurrences that take place in life. Throughout the song, you will get the booming beats of bass. The rap delivery of J-Ferr remains impeccable. This Massachusetts rap singer will soon be taking over the stage.

Each composition of J-Ferr speaks of the evolution of his talent. The reason his music stands out from most artists is the fact that he creates music for the pleasure of it. His other unique compositions like Right Now Freestyle, Look Inside, C H A S E, and Another Way can be classified as his evergreen hits. The relatable theme of the tracks is what brings the audience closer to him. His recognition as an artist is growing every day with his increasing followers. J-Ferr mostly connects with fans through his accounts on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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