Musically in Newbie Hip Hop Artist Grievious’s Tracks Grow More and More Striking

Energy by Grievious

Enfield, Jan 13, 2019 ( – In the world of rap music, Grievious is one of the well-known artists. He started writing music since 12 years old. He is presently the owner of a record label with a close friend and has started releasing music since 2018. The sound in his track is generally dark and his music carries out the story of his life. The track has plenty of melody in the backdrop.  Grieviouss creativity seems to be endless and with each new listen this entire track grows more and more impressive and enjoyable. The song Energy hook offers a welcomed break and a soulful moment. The hook in the track breaks away to the more soulful and melodic, that is adding something with refreshing structure. To get more updates about Grieviouss upcoming music and latest events follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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The second half of Grieviouss track No Time is more intense, shorter lines and personal involvement reignites. The instrumentation behind this song is an integral part of what makes it work really well.  The backdrop is delicate yet simultaneously chaotic. Grieviouss song Dont Like To Brag works hard structurally to keep things moving and also to make sure every moment and even every ides is represented as strongly as possible. The hook in the track hits with complete impact. The musical backdrop is one of the most bright, plain yet successful. 

The hook in Grieviouss track Blunt undoubtedly makes certain listeners remember and recognize it after listening even just once. The blissful delicacy of the music accompanies the process beautifully. Some of Grieviouss tracks are Don’t Act Like You Know Me, I Told Her, and I’ve Been Thinking. The rhythm and the subtle bounce of the music have a certain delicacy that works really well. You can listen to Grieviouss other songs simply by visiting  Soundcloud.  

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