Cadbury Freddos Are Back At 10p – But Who Is Selling Them That Cheap?

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Stoke on Trent, Jan 15, 2019 ( – There has been national uproar ever since the price of a chocolate Freddo bar increased from the original 10p price point to the 25p price point it is today. The main reason for this is that it has been pointed out that Freddos have increased in price way above the level of inflation and so are now seriously overpriced according to research carried out by One Pound Sweets.

Cadbury and other chocolate manufacturers have seen the price of their raw ingredients rise year on year and this has resulted in the shrinking of chocolate bar sizes or price increases. However, this does nothing to ease the pain shoppers feel every time their child asks for a Freddo as they have to stump up more and more money each year.

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However one company is fighting back against this unprecedented price increase and is now selling Cadbury Freddo bars at their original price of 10p each, but not for long.

One Pound Sweets is a new online retailer selling traditional and retro sweets from the good old days and has secured a limited number of bars at this low 10p price.

A spokesman’s for the company said “We strongly believe that Freddos and other chocolate bars from the 90s should be sold at the 10p price point and we are determined to help offer this. We are losing money on every bar we sell, but it is a matter of principle as we do not agree with the current recommended retail price. We want our customers to get the very best value for money and by selling these bars at 10p ensures we do just that”.

Customers can buy Freddo bars in packs of 10 for £1 or buy a whole box of 60 bars for just £6. That is £5.99 less than it costs the company to buy them so with a large loss on each case of chocolate bars this deal will not be around forever.

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With the uncertainty around Brexit it may be the case that ingredients cost more to import so will we see other products increasing in price in this way, we will find out over the coming months.

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