Watch the heavenly music video ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ..Krishna Krishna Hare Hare’ by Ajay Rekhi

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Toronto, Jan 15, 2019 ( – Bhajan is mainly one of the Hindu Devotional or the Bhakti song which are chiefly sung in love or attachment for Deity like Shiv, Vishnu or Shakti. Ajay Aman Rekhi is one of the well-known music artist from Canada. This track Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ..Krishna Krishna Hare Hare is possibly the most powerful but easy mantra which anyone can sing without any limitation. This track addresses the supreme power invoking its blessings on the chanter. Rama and Krishna are the two important embodiment of Lord Vishnu. The mantra Hare Krishna mainly refers the two great personifications in a way imbibing the significance they taught people about the art of religious life. This track is the easy clarification for most troubles of life.  Thus it acts as the key to actual happiness. The music in the track is quickly compelling, captivating and ultimately uplifting manner.

The track Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ..Krishna Krishna Hare Hare by Ajay Aman Rekhi represents its core principles and underlying sentiments in every possible way. The religious aspect in the track runs deep within the track. This track cleverly builds from melancholy to optimistic as the latter half of the track brings rhythm and warmth that the listeners quickly appreciate. The instrumental part in the track is pretty refreshing and offers a moment of softness and calm ambiance. The energy and the consistent layers of gratitude maintain a fine balance between the religious depth and appreciation. This track surrounds the audience soul and fills the mind as well as the heart with complete pleasure. 

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If you take a clear look with wider perspective then you will find that this track Hare Krishna Hare Krishna ..Krishna Krishna Hare Hare by Ajay Aman Rekhi contemplates on the divine name that is addressing the ultimate energy principle which creates, protects and destroys the universe. Focusing ones attention on this track one can bestow peace of mind removing all the anxieties, worries and unnecessary hesitant. However, this track even helps a man to become capable of rising above the sense and realizing his spiritual self. In this modern age, it acts as a wonderful remedy to destroy the evils and thus brings new lights in the lives of the people. Three words Hare, Krishna, and Rama are the spiritualistic seeds of the maha-mantra. You can watch his music video by simply visiting YouTube.

Source :Ajay Aman Rekhi

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