Did Author Angel S. Broady Make History? – First African American To Craft A Stunning Asian Drama

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Raleigh, Jan 17, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – By the publisher of Rose Angel Books the daring author has taken an ingenious accomplishment that many African writers wouldnt dare cross. The inspiring revelation of the talented author of two popular Asian romantic series has fallen into a rule of no boundaries between passion, and race.

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The new talented Author, Angel S. Broady has written four beautifully and masterfully crafted Asian dramas.  It was said in her community that an African American cant write a book that is outside of his or her race, but Broady refuses to see the line between the passion of writing a story and other ethnic groups.  She manages to express to the world in an artistic and respectful manner.

Angel S. Broadys new series Cello Bride is one of her most challenging and heartfelt stories ever told. This series will go a lot deeper than just marriage and struggle.  It is to enlighten female and male standards into equality, continued Broady. My story gives women a more beautiful and appealing standard through new forms of art and love.

 The inspiration for writing one of the most challenging cultures can sprout the question; why she chooses to write such stories that stand outside of her own race? I want to set an example to the African American community and to other races.  No one should feel ashamed to learn and write about other cultures outside their own race.  We are all made under the same God so shall we learn from that. Continued Broady.  I have a voice and with my voice, I believe can enlighten the world.  

Broadys beautiful work has been given praises by book reviewers as a stunning and moving journey. She is the first African American to have taken a brave step into writing an Asian drama.  Her writings are known to being one of the fiercest cryptic to not hold back any punches. Angel S. Broady is a talented author from the small town of Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Read more at www.roseangelbooks.com/aboutus .


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