RnB Track ‘0161’ by Josh Ivell Brings in a Beautiful Sense of Nostalgia with it

Josh Ivell

Manchester, Jan 17, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – There are many artists out there whose talent is unknown to us because they dont allow their talent a chance to shine. Among one such artist is Josh Ivell who has been singing for quite some time now restricted himself from launching any of his tracks before. After all these years he wants to recognize the consequence of his music on the public. Bringing forward his passion for the genre of Alternative R&B he releases the captivating track to the public titled as 0161. This song stands as a testament to his talent and the bright future he has in the music industry.

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 0161 is a gorgeous, ambient track that has a warm aura imbibed to it. The soundscape of the track is creative as it brings along sinful melody and a deep nostalgia that you will be unable to ignore. The delicate way how the song progresses gets you hooked to its pleasant backdrop. As the track progresses from one verse to the other you release the intense passion with which Josh Ivell has composed the song. The peaceful qualities of the track offer audio escapism to the listeners. 

Josh Ivell is no doubt a promising artist who is proving his worth with every new release like Grow, Feel Alright, Four Letter Word, Purpose (Cover), Sweater Weatheretc. This tracks being R&B has a soulful soundscape which can soothe your chaotic mind. All hits are all available in his Soundcloud and Spotify accounts. Josh Ivell connects with his audience through Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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0161 by Josh Ivell

Source :Josh Ivell

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