The Surrealism in the New Compositions by Houston Rap Artist Nes Is Impeccable


Houston, Jan 16, 2019 ( – Music affects people in various ways, while some find pleasure in creating music that motivates people others desire their way for fame through music. But what remains common in each artist is their passion and love for music. Similarly, one such artist is Nes who is also known to his friends and family as Raj Dhurandhar. Unlike other artists who tend to find their passion for music from a young age, Nes worked two jobs for the family.  But something about his love for music persuaded him to he finally give his passion a chance and launched tracks like ATTENTION and Mirror.

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When you go through each of the tracks you can feel the depth of understanding the artist has about life.  His recent tracks deal with problematic themes that young people in our generation are dealing with. Through both ATTENTION and Mirror, he wants to make the people aware how of the thoughts and feelings that individuals with addiction, depression, anxiety go through so that they can be helped.  Along with this, Nes wants to inspire people into living a healthier life and to keep negatives feelings out of their mind.

This Houston rap artist wants to help the world with his music.  In his track ATTENTION Ness voice rises with such intensity that you will be hooked to the track from the very beginning. There is a sense of control present in the track that remains absent in most tracks. The soundscape is kept low to make the lyricism bloom out to its beat. And in Mirror the soundscape is kept as soothing as possible to make the listeners focus on the lyricism of the track. Nes is also famous for tracks like Volume 2 – Intro Part 2, Volume 2, Lonely etc. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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