DA TWIN PRINCE “preparation and Practice”

Los Angeles, Jan 18, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Like romantic molasses, Da Twin Prince will slowly slide into your heart. Not emptyhanded either; in tow, will be his brand new, anthemic love-song, Preparation and Practice; all youll need to fall head over heels for this Brooklyn talent.

As a custom of new-wave, alternative R&B, Preparation and Practice is commenced with a pitched down vocal sample. The Farro Jarro production is then spruced up with the surge of a voluptuous bassline; accentuated by sprinkles of snaps and the eventual onset of torrid,
trap drums.

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Over it all, Da Twin Prince gives a performance fitting for the new year. Bot vocally and lyrically, the East Coast crooner seems refined on this record. He easily slips into heart-turning harmonies and amorous melodies, both devoted to sending a significant message to his significant other: anyone before him was just Preparation and Practice for the love hell give. When a penchant for songwriting meets a talented taste for melody, artists like Da Twin Prince naturally result. And when that force is at its most sensuous, infectious peak, bangers like Preparation and Practice must be anticipated. Just wait until the radio gets a hold of this. Da Twin Prince will have everyone from New York, and beyond, singing right along.


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