Henry Armstrong Foundation a Non-profit 501(c) 3 seeks support in raising $333,000.00

Rev Henry Armstrong reading the bible to kids

Los Angeles, Jan 17, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The Henry Armstrong Foundation announced this week that they are appealing to all media, Christians, boxing fans, professional boxers, promoters, trainers, commentators and the general public, for their support; in honoring Undisputed Three-Time World Champion Boxer Henry Armstrongs legacy through the Henry Armstrong Foundation, a non-profit 501(3)organization.

Funds raised will be used in Armstrongs honor to support our youth positive self-image psychology program, athletic and medical scholarships program and paying it forward being of service program.

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The Henry Armstrong positive self-image psychology mentoring – youth program is designed to boost self esteem and build confidence in young people ages 8-17, through taking massive action, exercising and developing a successful prosperity consciousness to discover their definite purpose in life through mentoring, reading books and organized positive thinking. Learn Self-awareness, mind over matter techniques.

They are taught the importance of getting an idea and implementing that idea to set and achieve goals and be of service by volunteering and always going the extra mile. Have them apply the laws of cause and effect and action and reaction.

It also teaches them about action planning, financial literacy and how to become an “entrepreneur “- leaders in their local community by serving the communities where they live locally and globally.

Paying – It – Forward Being of Service – Program

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When circumstances rendered Armstrong homeless, penniless, and in need of basic sustenance, Armstrong utilized the services extended to him by The Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles, in the winter of 1930, and went on to achieve a life of great personal success, as well as being of tremendous service to others.

As a result, in the memory and honor of Armstrong, The Henry Armstrong Foundation is extending services back to underserved communities offering a hand up and not a handout through the program Paying It Forward in boxing legend aka Rev. Henry Armstrongs honor.

The Henry Armstrong Foundation is paying it forward to support low-income families in underserved communities. We are asking folks to join us and volunteer their time, their gifts and talents and resources or provide goods and services to become a bridge to support families that are in serious need in underserved communities. 

Paying it forward involves helping low-income individual families, as well as empowering youth and the community by assisting low-income families, single mothers, fathers who are facing varies hardships, including paying rent due to evictions in hardship scenarios, a utility bill, groceries, clothing, gasoline – car repair and basic necessities.

All donations are fully tax deductible.

Edward Scott, Jr., grandson and founder of the Henry Armstrong Foundation commented, in October 1878, Thomas Edison, had an idea and created the first working lightbulb, and Henry Ford had an idea and became a multi-billionaire, the founder of the Ford Motor Company. What isnt widely known about my grandfather is that before he achieved championship status. As a young kid, he had an idea too, that he was going to make it.

To date, he is the only boxer in boxing history to hold three world boxing titles simultaneously, in three different weight divisions within a 10-month period during 1938.

His wishes were to continue empowering youth to realize their dreams. He would always say that youngsters must take responsibility for their own development and that they set the pattern and that they got to want something with desire.

As a result, in the memory of Henry Armstrong, Our positive self-image psychology youth mentoring program and athletic and medical scholarship programs are designed to inspire and motivate and help eliminate financial boundaries for High School Seniors who want to attend college and to promote more equal opportunity in college attendance.

The scholarships were implemented to honor Mr. Armstrong who had a dream of attending medical school but lacked the financial resources. As an alternative, he decided to pursue boxing as a career and rose to the top.

Our positive self-image psychology mentoring youth program is an umbrella for youth, encouraging and inspiring the youth to get an idea stirring up their gifts within to exercise and take massive action concerning improving their life condition by mentoring and reconditioning the body and mind.

Developing a successful prosperity consciousness through mentoring, reading books and organized positive thinking.

Encouraging and inspiring the youth to take massive action through exercising their body and mind to get an idea, discover their purpose and learn about action planning, financial literacy and to become entrepreneurs/leaders in their local community by serving the communities where they live locally and globally.

About the Henry Armstrong Foundation

Founded in 2005, the Henry Armstrong Foundation continues to educate and empower youth and to uplift and serve the underserved in low income communities, offering a hand up and not a hand out, in the honor and memory of undisputed World Triple Champion boxer Henry Armstrong aka Rev. Henry Armstrong and to continue his legacy to fight for equality for all. One of its ultimate goals is to develop a new youth dream center to replace the old one he founded in 1952, and to build a safe haven for the youth to learn self-esteem through entrepreneur/vocational training and sports programs in the city of Los Angeles.

For more information, visit: www.henryarmstrongfoundation.org

For more information on corporate sponsorships or volunteer opportunities or offer grant writer services, call: 800-838-2316.


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