Fashion TV Group and MC Brands

Los Angeles, Jan 19, 2019 ( – Fashion TV International Group and MC Brands by; Julian Rouas who is the creator of many luxury celebrity perfumes. For instance, in May of 2012, the company got together with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the creation of “The Scent of a Champion”. Julian Rouas Designs is currently working with Paris Jackson for the 2019 release of “Eau de Paris” which will be the final addition to “The Jackson Family Tribute Collection” it first hit the market December 2012 in loving memory of the late King of Pop. However, it’s their most recent fragrance that is gaining national attention “Always Marylin” by; Jane Kelly Productions to honour the legacy of Marylin Monroe. The Jane Kelly Production Team has many things lined up for 2019, among those is a meeting with Music Producer, Mr Quincy Jones at Nobu Restaurant to discuss of the production of the soundtrack for “Eau de Paris” by; Paris Jackson. Ms Jane Kelly, Mr Julian Rouas CEO/Designer and executive producer Mr.Tony Amarragi will be in attendance at the dinner to discuss all aspects of the new collection set to release in June 2019. Such as the budget for the music and production of the commercial and discuss a strategy to capture and preserve the legacy of the late King of Pop graciously with help from his daughter Paris.“Eau de Paris” is currently being developed under the supervision of the Master Nose (a.k.a. Nose of Grasse) Mr Joseph  Rubino.

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Eau de Paris by Paris Jackson

Source :Julian Rouas Paris Company and Fashion TV

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