Digitpol’s Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit develops a unique 24/7 monitored tracking system


London, Jan 21, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – Digitpol partners with Telecoms provider and LITE network operators to launch its unique 24/7 monitored tracking system with a response team covering mainland Europe

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Digitpols Stolen Vehicle Investigation Unit has developed a unique monitoring platform and tracker designed to operate on LITE, VHF and Low Powered Networks (LPWAN). The system is designed with a sophisticated approach to ensure maximum security and prevent it from being jammed like traditional GSM/GPS devices. The solution is in partnership with a Telecoms provider and LITE network operators.

Digitpols proactive platform is monitored 24/7 by different agents, allowing for a wide range of customized alerts and alarms. The alert triggers an instant response from the Digitpol team to ensure the automatic recovery of the vehicle. The deployment is instant and the process carried out in line with Police services across Europe. This makes Digitpols platform the only proactive system that works with a response team and with instant alerts in cooperation with the Police across Europe.

The technology ensures full visibility on vehicles even if when concealed in a shipping container or parked in an underground car park. Digitpols monitored tracking system gives clients peace of mind without having to break the bank. The aim of the project is to provide a cost effective solution to a real problem and to work with the public sector to jointly combat the problem of thefts.

Digitpols tracking device can be installed on-site and the installation fee covers 1 year of monitoring. The monitoring is only activated when specific parameters are met and when alerts are sent with all Digitpols agents receiving them in real time throughout Europe.

In the UK and across mainland Europe, vehicle thefts are on the rise, the UK Policing Minister, Nick Hurd, chaired on the 15th of January a meeting on a new taskforce to tackle vehicle theft.

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The taskforce replicates the successful model used to reduce moped-related crime in London, which has led to the drastic reduction in crime rate, falling by a third in the period from January to October 2018, compared with the same period in 2017. Consequently, the system will go a long way in reducing and preventing vehicle crime while promoting best practice. The taskforce will meet every 6 months and publish an action plan with new measures.

Vehicle theft has risen by 7% in the last 12 months and has impacted communities across the country. The Sun reported, and the revelation was branded alarming by industry experts.

Merseyside Police recorded 35,624 stolen in the past decade and found 26,816, a 75 percent recovery rate. West Midlands Police recorded 73,644 in the same period but recovered only 8,643, a 12 per cent rate. The RACs Simon Williams said: Drivers will be surprised to discover that on average less than half of vehicles stolen end up recovering. Combined with vehicle thefts rising, its alarming.

A large number of stolen vehicles leave the UK to mainland Europe, and Digitpols proactive system is an approach to combat the problem.

Digitpols tracker and response team can be purchased for 99 via their website.

To purchase the service or Digitpols Tracker visit their website.

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