Groove to the Captivating Experimental Arrangement of Clarksville Indie Trap Artist City Bloc Rejekt

City Bloc Rejekt

Clarksville, Jan 21, 2019 ( – A lanky boy hailing from Tennessee never would have imagined what an amazing life lay ahead of him. A prodigy in all his glory, City Bloc Rejekt picked up his lyricist pen at a tender age of 6. 20 years later, he is big on the new-wave trap scene making music and receiving every bit of attention he deserved for his hard work. His childhood may be consolidated as the vintage American version of bad memories, but these experiences have all played out as strong influences on his musical style. He is here to stay and slay and make experimental indie trap earn the name of an admirable genre of futuristic sound qualities.

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There is instant captivation and utter honesty in the tracks of this Clarksville indie trap artist. It is really amazing to see how differential music styles influence the personal compositions of an artist. City Bloc Rejekt too stands as a vital example of someone who has not forgotten where he came from in this confusion of modern-day drama. His lyrical versatility in some of his tracks like Cockstar, Guilty, Frozen Vaccay and Housecall has made the audience take notice. The credibility of his work encompasses his sound choices, his freestyling methods and a true zest for life.

City Bloc Rejekt has worked through the grim and grind of criticism and emerged as the standing lone survivor. All his efforts paid off when he finally established his own studio at 26. The known melody of his track Suicide Angel acts as a tribute to the impulsive 80s sound with a touch of hip-hop neo-patterns and distinctive indie-pop dance moves. His collaborations with various very music producers of the same music scene have helped in garnering a bigger platform for his tracks. Support his charismatic versatility by checking out his grooves on Soundcloud, today!


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