Innovation by an Indian Data Scientist for Prevention of Asthma Attack.

Aakash Gupta

Pune, Jan 21, 2019 ( – Asthma patients sometimes immediately need medical attention due to sudden breath loss or asthma attack. An analytical approach is proposed in this paper to prevent a patient from an asthma attack. Weather, air quality and pollen data are used to predict the probability of asthma attack for taking preemptive action using logistic regression. The proposed solution implemented on environmental datasets it achieves 84.2% accuracy.

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Aakash Gupta born (1991) is an Indian Data Scientist working n HCL Technologies Limited, Pune. He is known for his studies on Predicting Asthma Attack by an Machine Learning Algorithm which predicts the probability of attack on given day or time, by analysing several factors such as Atmospheric, Climatic and Air quality, so that the patient can take analyzing several factors such as atmospheric, Climatic and Air quality, so that the patient can take preemptive actions and can save additional medical cost due to sudden breakdown. He also presented a research paper titled An Analytical Approach for Asthma Attack Prevention which was held at the Unversite des Msacarieignies, Mauritius. Later the same research paper got published in the book “Information System Design & Intelligent Applications” which gathers a collection of a high-quality peer-reviewed research paper presented at the international conference on Information System Design & Intelligent Applications (INDIA 2018). And also he worked on several real-life problems which were solved using AI Machine Learning Algorithms which can help people in their daily life, and his studies have been documented in several peer-reviewed articles and online repositories of Data Science articles. He has also mentored students in the field of Data Science.

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