Lose Yourself to the Darkness tilted as ‘Parachute’ Launched by Mysterious Band Played by Kings

Played By Kings

Myrtle Beach, Jan 20, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – The rock band Played by Kings has wowed the audience with their heavy punk and rock track Parachute. The band consisting of four members JR Serna, Brandon Harrelson, Marshall and Shane Squires is all set to let the world known of their presence. Bending the heavy punk and metal music according to their style, they launched their latest EP Played by Kings. Among the four tracks, Parachute stood out the most among the public. It can be called a fusion of rock, metal and hardcore. Hailing from California, they are popular among individual who prefers hard rock music. Using their production house Distro Kid, they bring captivating tracks for the audience.

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Parachute has an intense rawness intense into the track. The energy bought forward by the vocals is soul catching. It can be said that Parachute is a simple fusion of absolute creativity and passionate expression. The instrumentalism imbibed in the song has no comparison to it in the music industry. They are not for the faint-hearted. Being dark and mysterious the track is deeply intriguing with a heavy soundscape accompanying the song.

The band Played by Kings surely made their mark in the music industry with Parachute. Among some of their other unique creations are Weightless, Bounce, and Bridges. You can connect with them through their social media sites on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The band takes their inspiration for music form daily life activities. Played by Kings simply want to provide entertainment to the listeners through their music.

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The Rock Band Played by KingsFamous Band Played by Kings

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