Real Estate maven Luke Hemmings remains tight lipped on international opportunites

Real Estate Agency Director Luke Hemmings looks to international opportunities Picture ETHAN LI

Melbourne, Jan 21, 2019 ( – Real Estate maven Luke Hemmings has his sights set on a new international opportunity. The 25-year-old, who is the former owner and director of Melbourne-based real estate firm Masakali Estate Agents, says hes had conversations, but nothing is set in stone yet. Speaking off the back of his rather frantic and busy day in Sydney, Hemmings was tight-lipped on the details surrounding the opportunity. There are no international opportunities confirmed, although it is something that is being looked into, he told Issuewire.

In December 2018, allegations surfaced about Mr Hemmings past which prompted Consumer Affairs Victoria to suspend Mr Hemmings real estate agents licence in the state of Victoria, following disciplinary action in the Northern Territory after Hemmings failed to disclose, he was previously bankrupt. In documents obtained by Issuewire, Mr Hemmings Legal Counsel vigorously defended the disciplinary action investigation advising that Hemmings answered no to the relevant questions on his Northern Territory licence application because he misunderstood the question to mean, do you hold a licence in any other State or Territory where Agents Licensing Act is applicable. Hemmings claimed in the submissions that since the law in South Australia applies the Land Agents act, he, unfortunately, assumed that the cancelled South Australia Licence was not relevant to the question.

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When it comes to Luke Hemmings, everyone seems to have an opinion. Speaking to Issuewire, Hemmings said I dont know what it is about me. I must have a sign on my forehead that says, give me your opinion because I have people who want to give me their opinion on everything. But defiant as ever before, Hemmings at only age 25 has had his fair share of trials and tribulations and just takes it with a grain of salt. I dont give a f**ck what everyone thinks. If I worried about everyone elses opinion, I wouldnt have the successful life I have. I wouldnt have the wonderful family I have. You know, Ive made mistakes, and Ive put them behind me. And he shows no signs of slowing down, with naysayers only fuelling his fire. The more negative people become, the more envious, the more green-eyed, they dont realise that all it does is make me more determined to succeed. If Ive pissed you off that much, watch how much more I can piss you off. He says.

Hanging up his boots from the role of Managing Director this week of the now-defunct Masakali Estate Agents, Hemmings says that he is looking at opportunities to tap into an international market, whilst also having an Australian presence.

Im not giving up on my Real Estate career as much as people want me out of the industry, they are only fuelling my ambition. 2019 will be a year of planning and execution and 2020 will be full steam ahead.

Maybe this is a case of watch and see?

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