Famed Rapper AmaGod Releases a New Music Video ‘Amin Sta Fixi’ Which is Streaming on YouTube

AmaGod  Amin Sta Fixi

Brockton, Jan 22, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – If you are a music fan and you are looking for something to get high to, then you must watch this amazing hip hop group named AmaGods new music video Amin Sta Fixi which is causing quite a stir on YouTube. This group from Cape Verde, West Africa is steadily gaining popularity and recognition for their fascinating musical compositions. This group is founded by Raiz D Terra and published by Peter Peterbeatz Martin on 1st May on the year of 2016. The rejuvenating style and attitude of this group helps them to stand tall among all others. The members of this group also want to thank their family and friends who have played a huge part in making this video a reality.

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The group AmaGods new music video Amin Sta Fixi introduces their style very boldly. Their quickly recognizable vocal delivery, style and lyricism complement their innovative musical outlook with a very refreshing and colourful feeling. This is a very conceptual music video which reaches out and connects with the young generation. The vigorous bass-line, hard-hitting beats and the easy-going vibes set this video apart from all others. The rhythmic and catchy rhythms and the effective hook line leans in a slightly unusual direction.

The set-up, production and structure of Amin Sta Fixi are very carefully crafted to grab the attention of the music fans. The opening bars of this video draw you in right from the start and the level of intensity continues to build throughout. The musicality of this video comes off as very chaotic at first, but it gets more entertaining and provocative as the video progresses. Things start to get personal, and the intimate and honest story-telling add more character and weight to the speeding rap verses that make the whole thing incredibly captivating.

The group has successfully brought their creativity and artistic skills to the forefront of the musical journey and presents a heavy outpouring of uplifting poetic lyrics into the process. The soundscape and the ambience presented by AmaGod feel even more addictive and impressive. This new hip hop group relies on their own ingenious approach and pushes forward with their strong creative urge and intent.



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