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City of Commerce, Jan 21, 2019 ( – This article is featuring 3x3x3 Magico Cube which is an interesting brain-teasing game for all age range. Categorized as a brain-teasing game, this puzzle is an appropriate option to keep children busy. The interesting fact of this puzzle Magico Cubes is that its cube pieces can be rotated in any direction to create an interesting shape out it. This plastic made cube helps to enhance imagination. What could be more interesting than spending time with your friend playing a brain-teasing game? Well, we have another brain teaser in our online store for you. This 3x3x3 Magico Cube is a challenging puzzle cube with which you can spend time making interesting unique shapes. This fantastic plastic made puzzle game is also an amazing toy for a child, as it is easy to make new shapes with its smooth rotations. The rapid rotation without turbulence provides an amazing experience and surely become a fun game for every age group. Even for gifting, this Magico Cube has become a choice for the population.

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Irrespective of the age groups, this puzzle cube is a fun game for everyone. Children, Adults and even elders can enjoy their time while solving the shapes of the Magico Cube. With a variety of colours, this light weighted cube is available to solve the puzzles at Panda shoppe. The new mechanism used in the cube makes the rotation easier. This advanced mechanism strengthens the cube to tolerate speed rotation, directly making the cubes to shift positions smoothly. 

The smooth shifting of the cubes enhances the puzzle solving experience since it has the ability to manage the turbulent rotation. This tolerance enables speed rotation and hence the cubes remain stable and the user enjoys the brain-teasing challenges. Magico cube is designed with No Pop mechanism to tolerate any pops and tested to ensure its high-quality performance. Since the cube is small and light weighted, its portability is remarkable. It can be easily placed inside backpacks and taken out anywhere and anytime. Even when people are travelling, they like to keep it with them as it is a perfect option to keep you busy.

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Not only puzzle cube is interesting to solve the shapes, but it also helps to evolve imagination and help in the development of problem-solving skills. Apparently, the Magico Cube has become an ideal game for children as it can keep them busy and enhance the resolving abilities and imagination power. In other words, this brain-teasing puzzle game improves the thinking ability and develops brain appropriately.

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