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Seoul, Jan 22, 2019 ( – Welcome to another week of finance, lets start the week off with a brief overview of whats going on in the finance sector and other news today Monday 21st January 2019.

Asia markets have been relatively flat on Monday, even with data showing the Chinese economy slowing towards the end of 2018, which has shown an urgent need for more stimulation, as Beijing is still head to head with the U.S amid trade talks.

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International investors are also waiting on Theresa Mays (U.K Prime Minister) Plan B for Britains exit from the European Union, due to be presented to parliament within the next 24 hours.

The Euro to USD rate is sitting at 1.1362 as a new trading week begins, after falling nearly 1.0% in the week previous. The main cause is due to the strengthening of the USD after the recovery of the Stock Market and a healthier outlook on economic data.

Westpac recently released a chart showing concern for the global economy, with the positive momentum said to come to an end in 2019.

A new Generation of investors has been flooding into the markets, as even with recent slumps in the housing markets globally, they are still effectively priced out. Its not really a surprise to see GEN Z being more heavily involved in saving, as a recent study has shown that millennials have a higher interest in saving capital than their parents.

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In the tech sector, Tesla released a statement over the weekend with their plans to slash 7% of its workforce with the hopes of making their electronic cars more affordable for those people with a lower income.

Thats it for our Monday overview, with so much coming up in the next financial week, there will be plenty for investors to keep busy with.

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