Brilliant Rhythmic Sections Make the Track ‘Duduko’ by Carlos Correa an Epic Creation

Duduko by Carlos Correa

Rialto, Jan 22, 2019 ( – When it comes to mixing diversity with versatility and creativity no one can come close to the brilliant Carlos Correa. Providing his fans with one hit after the other, he is on the way to make a permanent mark in the music industry. Using his label Achu Records experiments with various genres composes diverse music for his listeners. Carlos Correa has developed his artistic abilities since the release of his first track. His latest album Nova East came from his inspiration for mixing various genres and producing masterpieces that have no comparison in the music industry. The track Duduko without a doubt can be said as one of his best creations.

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Through the track Duduko there is no lyricism. The artist Carlos Correa wanted to give space to the listeners to escape into another world. There is a lucid dream-like texture added to this track. The melody of Duduko shows the fearlessness of the artist in trying and experimenting diffident ideas with the public. Unlike other artists he doesnt create music to please people; he produces music so that people would open up their mind to new sounds and symphonies.

Through the album, Nova East is an inspiration from Japanese melody each of the tracks such as Almost, Zenduk, Jinduk including Duduko stands apart from each other. The pleasure provided by the tracks will allow you to lose your sense into the essence of the songs. You can find Carlos Correa on his social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram and Youtube.

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