Galaxy CCRO, Inc. Launches with A License Agreement with Proteome Sciences PLC, London, U K

Dallas, Jan 23, 2019 ( – Galaxy, a clinical contract research organization, is pleased to announce the launch of its company through a cornerstone product built on its license agreement with Proteome Sciences and its point of care license of Intellectual Property. For the initial product launch, Galaxy is licensing intellectual property relating to blood biomarkers of stroke developed by Proteome Sciences in partnership with the University of Geneva and Geneva University Hospitals. Galaxy intends to develop and deliver a validated point of onset stroke diagnostic test which will drive a doctors ability to determine when thrombolytic treatment can be administered for optimum clinical outcomes.

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About one-quarter of adults in the world will experience a stroke in their lifetime, according to new estimates from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBDS) published online Dec. 20, 2018, in the New England Journal of Medicine. Worldwide there are 15,000,000 strokes every year. Galaxys initial product launch is focused on addressing and positively impacting this critical human need.

Galaxys success will be drawn from key managements valued associations with multiple sources of cutting-edge scientific research, current patents that have not yet been monetized, creative application across multiple microbiologic disciplines, brand development expertise built on a long history of success, and an established proven marketing agent network. Galaxy has experienced founders: An emergency room MD with a past history of entrepreneurial success, an Oxford University-trained Ph.D. and entrepreneur in Microbiology, and a highly experienced corporate executive now in private equity and start-up consulting. Beyond the founders, Galaxy has an impeccably credentialed Advisory Board that will be growing soon with additional MDs and PhDs with histories also filled with accomplishments.

Ian Pike, Chief Scientific Officer, Proteome Sciences plc states; We are excited about building a new relationship with Galaxy around our proprietary stroke biomarker patents. I am particularly impressed with the experienced executive group, led by CEO Randy Funk (a leader with both Consumer Product and Medical related executive marketing experience) and their focus on developing a first-in-class diagnostic test for stroke to be used on the first contact. Under the terms of the license, Proteome Sciences will receive equity in Galaxy CCRO on the signature, with subsequent milestones and a running royalty on product sales.

For more information about Galaxy CCRO, Inc., call 408-771-1123 or contact Randy Funk, CEO at [email protected]

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Galaxy is a cutting-edge Clinical Contract Research Organization formed to creatively develop current technology, intellectual property, and conduct research into marketable products in the Medical & Health related fields. It plans to then focus on monetizing those elements into the proper channel, client, and methodology, to deliver incremental monetary returns for its clients and shareholders. Additional contact David Hunt, Esq. (Attorney) [email protected]

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