Get Nostalgic With the Soulful Of the Music Video ‘Koi Mujhse Mera’ By the Brilliant Ajay Rekhi

Koi Mujhse Mera

Brampton, Jan 22, 2019 ( – The renowned singer Ajay Rekhi who is also known as Ajay Aman Rekhi is captivating the audience with his latest video titled as Koi Mujhse Mera. This heartfelt loving music clip shows the passion of the artist. Anyone listening or watching this music clip can easily grasp that the lyricism used in the video is personal. As you watch the other videos of Ajay Rekhi you will understand the evolvement of the artist. Being from Canada he wants to get the audience recognised with Hindi music. The soulfulness induced by the artist in the music video is incomparable to any other romantic video clips out there.

The video Koi Mujhse Mera kicks start with a guy covering his face with his jacket. The video has an orchestral opening. Soon the voice of the artist kicks in and the song comes to life. Throughout the music video, the lyrics of the song are shown prominently as it has a deeper impact on the watchers.  The video is about a lover who is speaking to the word about his beloved who has left him for unknown reasons. This video for sure will make you nostalgic if you have ever gone through heartbreak in your life.  It is the relatability of the music video that brings the audience closer to him.

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From the very beginning, you can understand that the theme of the music video is going to be shattering. The ambience of the track is built out perfectly. The lyrics and the melody lean toward the issue of relationship loss. There is a sense of gratitude in the music video of those precious moments that one gets to spend with their loved ones. Talk of love hits the watchers and listeners a little more deeply than anything else in the entire music clip. The melody brightens up every now and then but the sense of grieve and loss dominates the music video. Ajay Rekhis other creation such as Masallah Rabiba, Can you ever forget me, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna … Krishna Krishna Hare Hare are some of his unique video that can also be found on YouTube. You can connect with him through YouTube.

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