Hip hop artist Thuggizzle from Texas proves why he should be in everyone’s playlist.

Texas City, Jan 22, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – With todays rap scene becoming primarily flooded with ghostwriters and mumble rap, it is becoming increasingly rare to find unique and talented up and coming rappers. However, today I was able to experience a much-needed breath of fresh air. Artist Thuggizzle is much more than the just a rapper. His clever, well-crafted flows and impressive lyricism set him miles ahead of his competition. These skills are even remarkably more spectacular with the fact that Thuggizzle specializes in the art of freestyling. This has definitely become a dying art in the hip-hop scene and the fact that he executes his flows at such an exceptional level shows the true level of pure talent.

In my first listen through of his 2018 track entitled Get Cha Hustle Up, Thuggizzle put his talents on full display. The track begins with an extremely catchy hook that sets up the vibe of the entire song. Before his verse even began, I knew I was in for something exceedingly special. The way his flows rhythmically play off of the beat makes this song an absolute BANGER. There are absolutely no hesitations on his rhymes and each line ties perfectly into the next. This usually is not the case for many modern day artists who freestyle straight off the dome. But like stated before, Thuggizzle is definitely not your average rapper.  Before the first verse ended, I unexpectedly found myself grooving hard to the beat. The overall production of this song is another key component of making this song work so well. This song was definitely made for the replay button. One listen through, makes you want to go revisit the entire experience over.My conclusion is simple, Get Cha Hustle Up is a fantastic track straight out the mind of the fantastic artist Thuggizzle. If you havent listened to this track, I highly recommend you do.

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