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Austin, Jan 22, 2019 ( – It may be blistering cold in a lot of places in the northeast as arctic air sweeps across the USA, but in Austin Texas, another January is here which means many companies are getting more focused on their 2019 SXSW releases and track to find out what is new and up-and-coming.

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New films, new music, new apps and technologies flood the area and the attendees are ready to receive what is new. This makes them a prime market that is effective when doing street team or brand ambassador company promotions.

For Sound Here Brand Ambassador Services this embarks and marks the busy season in getting their street team & brand ambassador crews ready for the mega-festival marathon. Though the street team stays present in Austin throughout the year they do other focus cities like NYC, Orlando, Dallas, LA, DC ( and the DMV), Daytona, Nashville and many other cities across the US year round for automakers , popular video game symphony tours and other major film and recording artists.

In 2018, over 15,000 posters were put up around the city of Austin by SoundHere’s crew, giving high traffic visibility to the brands they represented.

16 years of SXSW street team marketing has taught the founders of Sound Here Street & Brand Ambassador Services a valuable lesson:

Each year is different. Each year has its success measurements and each year the city of Austin opens up its streets to a whirlwind of corporate suites, beatniks, hip-hoppers, rockers, tech nerds, filmmakers and film buffs … all scavenging and sifting through their SXSW manuals and ready and open to see the next big thing. Each SXSW year also brings part new relationships with new venues and rekindles wonderful long-lasting friendships that have been around for over a decade.

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When Sound Here’s street team and ambassadors are on the streets of Austin, they know how to effectively communicate with people in a distinctive and articulate manner. This is often wielded with the tools of the trade and making sure the campaign has a tight and well thought through a call to action to make sure that a brand is getting the proper attention, while still making sense for the target audience to take a gander and not feel their valuable time is wasted.

Soundhere has its own print shop ( In house ) where the preparations of printing posters, banners, signs, and screenprint all make the January into Feb into March … right up to the first day of SXSW many round the clock setup days. So what’s really cool about their work is they can create a custom uniform to fit the occasion through digital printing, screen print or embroidery. SoundHere’s Print shop is under the umbrella of Produced by Deuce, LLC

If the printing & organizing of the event marketing staff isnt enough, their graphic design, coders, and researchers are also mapping out the best way to execute in creative ways to connect and capture new audiences for their clients using their proprietary logging app and structuring the best strategies to hit the SXSW streets of Austin. From creating creatives and visual call to actions to actually building out the response IVR systems, text messaging and data capturing sources using tablets or other effective ways in the market.

Experiential guerrilla marketing brands is a wonderful task that takes many hours of strategizing with the team.

Some of the types of campaigns directly are geared for :

Film promotion

Music showcase promotion

Brand Sampling

Mobile App Promotion

& new business ideas

Brand ambassador sampling and working the trade show extends many thousand feet from the walls of the convention center. It permeates into the city where a myriad of wonders on the street is being presented. SXSW marks a mecca of many people trying to make it with their brand, band or film and get to the masses effectively. As an SXSW event brand ambassador staffing company, Sound Here has participated and observed a variable changing climate.

Each SXSW branding season presents many last minute thinking clients to band together and make something work and scrambling to find a service that may seem simple as posting posters around the hot spots or passing out flyers at relevant film, music and business hubs. Sound Here has figured out a way to not only be effective and professional but keep these costs of marketing much lower than other companies or individuals that have little accountability. 

At the end of the day, the founders of Sound Here have expressed that many of their clients are direct marketing relationships, where others are valuable alliances with other major marketing agencies that do not have the grassroots guerilla marketing assets within their firm. Sound Here is known as an Agency’s agency and has no problem wearing the hat of another company and letting them take all the credit.

Sound Here has published a free street team and ambassador idea book that is available on their site upon request: or by calling or texting 512-831-3661 ( yes this business can be texted ! )


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