Amazon Leading the change in whole food stores

New York, Jan 24, 2019 ( – Amazon (AMZN) who in recent times has been the center of blame for a multitude of local birck and mortar businesses closing down, has been establishing a large amount of retail outlets themselves.

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Amazon is fast becoming the name on the high street, with 18 physical bookshops, three 4-star amazon stores, and over 100 temporary pop up shops, mostly inside shopping centres. This is Amazons latest update after acquiring over 500 whole foods stores in 2017.

With Amazon already having changed the whole foods sector in a number of small ways, the question on our minds is what will they do next?

A leading analyst with D.A Davidson, tom forte has one idea. Im of the belief that five years from now, when you enter Whole Foods, he told Yahoo Finances live show, there could be a pharmacy; they could devote the portion of Whole Foods today where you get prepared foods to leverage the Amazon Go cashier less checkout; and increasingly they can deliver from the store.

Going into 2019 it wont be long until we do see whole food stores with a little bit of everything like what Amazon is currently doing, with their cashier less Amazon Go convenience pop-ups inside larger markets, Amazon Lockers for Pick up, seen in many locations already, this on top of a dedicated section for Amazons electronics and technology devices in each store. We could also be seeing Amazon opening their own pharmacy counters, with their recent $1 billion USD acquisition of pharmaceutical company Pillpack.

We have already seen in Amazons latest press releases, how they are making an aggressive push into the opening of more whole food stores, and has a keen interest in the closed Sears locations throughout the U.S.

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Further looking into Amazon’s future, they are trying to set the bar as high as they can, with an effort to decrease shipping times even further, this ties in with their purchases of high street locations, as they have mentioned they will be using them as logistical hubs. If you have been into one of Amazons physical store locations, you will notice a similarity between all of them. In their bookshops, you will notice a lot of products that arent just books, in their Whole food stores, you can find electronics.

As Amazon moves into the physical market, acquiring more real estate, Forte has another suggestion for the E-Commerce giant, Amazon should open gas stations He says,

And as Amazon gradually expands its physical footprint, Forte has another bold suggestion: Amazon should open gas stations, he says, If Amazon really wanted to make a splash, they could add 1,000-plus gas stations, it could be a sales lift for Amazonlook at Costco, 10% of their sales come from gas.

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