Feel the Serene Music of Hip Hop Single ‘Bye Bye’ by Minnesota based Music Artist Vision Marine

Vision Marine

Minneapolis, Jan 24, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – In this new age of music, there are a lot of newcomers who are making their debut in SoundCloud with some exotic projects. This 2019 is too going to be a bang on year for artists like Vision Marine has come up with some captivating music pieces. Particularly, this young Minnesota based music artist is literally giving a new identity to the alternative hip hop genre that was always characterised with hard and trippy beats. His recent single Bye Bye beats the monotony with eclectic music score and amazing lyrical verses that will hook listeners till the end. Not only this single his previous track Russian Roulette has attained positive reviews for its innovative approach and attractive lyrics.

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It would not be right to regard Vision Marine as only a singer for the equally masters in song-writing and produces his own music. The music piece Bye Bye delivers the true meaning of what is known as alternative hip hop and rap music. He has beautifully blended the traditional hip hop with elements of other genres like R&B and soul to create that masterpiece. The lyrics of the single Bye Bye to the realest, I Hope you made it to heaven… paradise feeling has deep meanings that Vision Marine tries to convey to his listeners.

The single Bye Bye lays stress to the rare vocal texture of the artist Marine whose rap singing is smooth and synchronised. There is also a catchy hook in the single that makes the track sound more alluring. Unlike other rap tracks that are most of the time overpowered with loud music, this track has a very consistent and subtle music score. To know more about his personal and professional life, follow him in Instagram. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming projects that will soon be available in the platform.


‘Bye Bye (prod Vision Marine)’ : https://soundcloud.com/visionmarine/bye-bye

Bye Bye prod Vision Marine

Source :Vision Marine

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