New Illustration Agency Launches Representing Artists Who Promote Diversity, Equality – Inclusivity

Painter Peter Farmer portrait for Uncork The Cure breast cancer fundraiser event for Cauley Ferrari in Detroit

Kitchener, Jan 24, 2019 ( – TWELVE TWENTY ONE ILLUSTRATION (XIIXXI), an artist representation agency for leading animators and illustrators, has officially launched a new website, The new firm features award-winning artists and offers services for corporations, brands and publishers combi, ing strategy, creativity, and emotion to promote inclusivity.

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The newly founded website provides a comprehensive profile for this multi-disciplinary firm. Most of Twelve Twenty One Illustration servicesin animation, data visuals, games, motion graphics, painting and typographywere housed under sister company Ahava Digital Group (ADG) until late 2017. As ADG management started refining services within the digital agency, they shifted select artists from their creative team to Twelve Twenty One Illustration by launching a community representation firm that would intentionally feature artists whose voices focused on emotion, womanhood, inclusivity and equality.

The social dialogue displays mainstream media taking slow steps to becoming more inclusive in its messaging. Hopefully, its not just a phasing trend but a scaling sustainability. To maintain being ahead of the curve, management decided to seek out artists who are usually under-represented to help them share their stories more visibly. By showcasing the overlooked talent and the pushing these artists to the forefront of mainstream media the old guard in media can no longer look in the opposite direction. They will have to look at the new horizon of inclusivity embarking on all of us in order to maintain sustainability. Our agents are relentlessly seeking artists who are authentic, emerging and fresh, said Founder & Principal, Janét Aizenstros.

The artist roster includes British-born Canadian painter Peter Farmer, whose artwork has been purchased by private collectors and commissioned for companies such as McDonald’s, Veuve Clicquot, Ferrari, and The Ritz Carlton. His work has been featured at Musée des Beaux-Arts and the M.A.C – Musée d’Art Contemporain. Also, on the roster is a known animator, renowned for her feminine and whimsical flair, Daria DiCieli. Her work has been seen in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Hallmark and awarded by the Monaco, Fashion and La Joelle International Film Festivals for the best animated short film and global excellence. XIIXXI also represents the gifted Asha Bhaskaran, whose handiwork in motion graphics has garnered acclaim in the movies Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Ben-Hur and Zoolander 2.

Twelve Twenty One Illustration can be contacted by corporations, brands, media companies and publishers seeking to promote inclusivity by combining strategy, creativity and emotion using animation, data visualizations, games, illustration, motion graphics, painting, and typography by visiting  or calling Twelve Twenty One Illustration is a Canadian-based organization with offices in nine locations globally.  


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